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Hard to detect because it passes through everything affecting the outcome including the instruments used to detect it.  However given the correct condition gravity waves heterodyne (beat frequency).
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Scientists still don’t know exactly what causes the attraction forces of magnetism either.  They have come up with a bunch of guesses.  The gravity field is the same as magnetism except they are different wavelengths and gravity waves pulse on and off which greatly reduces the force.   The reason why scientists cannot figure out what gravity is (still argue over it) is due to a basic error in early physics.  Small sized water waves coming from two directions can directly pass through another unaffected, however when they get larger they began to crash into another.   Radio waves or electromagnetic waves also appear to pass directly through another unaffected.   However I contend they convolute slightly, twisting by another while still passing directly through another.   This can be seen in several physics experiments but cannot be accepted due to a basic error in physics.  These experiments hence have paradoxes thus cannot ever be fully understood unless the concept of superposition is re-evaluated.

Here now we finally found out that a rotating helix light wave can move small particles.

The Synodic Theory of Gravity has been based upon the rotating helix wave for more than 20 years.   Studying the patterns for many years along with the radio frequency data the helix pattern eventually reveals itself.  All the attributes of relativity can be answered with a rotating helix wave that passes through all matter.

Two forces fight another, the in and out water flow motions and the direction of the field resulting in different patterns.  (water debth is less than 12 inches). 

When the two forces water flow, and field direction, align the patterns become very regular as shown in the wet sand photograph.  At the time of the wet sand photograph shown the wavelengths of the electromagnetic field were parallel to the water wave front resulting in the nice uniform parallel patterns.  This makes a nice photograph but is not always the case.  There are quite a few different patterns that appear depending on the angle and strength of the fields present.  Some make quite a mess of the beach as can be seen in a video making the phenomenon confusing.  Cross hatch, interference patterns, multi–wavelength, and combinations may occur.  The electromagnetic field helps form the beach macro levels (areas from 1 sqft to 10x10 ft. aprox).  Forming grooves and humps directing the water flow.  The two fight another – the water flowing back out to sea attempting to flatten out the sand and the fluxon (sometimes sweeping) electromagnetic field from differing angles.    The many different sand patterns make it impossible to connect all the patterns solely to water wave motions.   

Common as pi, the spiral is found everwhere in nature including the double helix of the chromosome.  When the very small spiral spins it imparts a force known as gravity.  Much like Archimedes screw pump that moves water.  These rotating helixes come out of every atom.  I have been getting confirmation on this theory.   I have $5000.00 to anyone who can disprove the phenomenon when the rust particles are standing on their ends.  Sorry to all those who have millions of dollars of funding when you find out that gravity is everywhere and anyone can detect it for nothing.

I’ve presented this phenomenon many times to the scientific community but they insist it cannot be this simple and vision the sand patterns are only the result of water wave motions which is only half true. The patterns have been directly related to Doppler shifted planetary motions.  Now everyone knows what Doppler is – when I presented 20 years ago when I mentioned the word ‘Doppler’ to everyday people their eyes glazed over.  How long can we let this go on?  I no longer know how to approach them they insist it is something else.  Now that we all know what Doppler is it should not be difficult to figure out this half of the theory.  The other half of the theory is very common process that happens with all waves including music.  They have beat frequencies when two notes are played together.  Anyone who has studied music knows this – it is very simple.  Combining the two together ‘Doppler’ and ‘beat frequencies’ along with the helix wave, results in the completion of the basics of the theory.  This is very simple and you can figure it out yourself as can anyone.   PLEASE USE THE CENTER SCROLL BAR TO READ FURTHER.

For example say both the moon and earth are emitting the musical note middle C (which happens to be 261 cycles).   So us standing on the earth we constantly hear the hum of earth’s middle C.  The moon is also emitting middle C but because it orbits us in an ellipse the note constantly Doppler shifts up and then down as its orbit takes it toward and away from us every 28 days.  So now we have two notes that can be heard here on earth, earth’s middle C and moons Doppler shifted middle C which constantly Doppler shifts to new notes like a slow wow wow heard from pressing on the vibrato or tremolo bar on the electric guitar. Or a better example is a train whistle which changes pitch when coming toward an observer then away.  But if we listen carefully we will hear a third note, which is the beat frequency from adding the two musical notes together.

So now we can hear three notes:  These are earths middle C, Moons Doppler shifted middle C, and the beat frequency from hearing the two notes at the same time.  It is this beat frequency that can form the beach sand phenomenon but only on specific dates and times. Why it only shows on specific dates and hours requires a bit more understanding of orbital mechanics, and of course the frequency of gravity is much higher than middle C. 

Now imagine that these are gravity waves and that these waves pass right through us and everything around us. Sort of like an invisible field.  Like the air around us we don’t notice it until it moves. However we can imagine that something is there, because something is holding everything down to earth.  Our instruments cannot detect it because it passes through them also, leaving only a force as the evidence.  However, like playing the musical note middle C in the above example where it Doppler shifts and becomes a beat frequency there may be times we can detect it, if we open our eyes, and look close enough.   Beat frequency is same as the term heterodyning, they describe the same thing.  The word heterodyning is used in radio, and beat frequency used in music, they are identical.  So when reading the theory just replace the word heterodyning with beat frequency making it easier to understand.

There is a class of instruments that can detect gravity but they must be spinning creating their own Doppler shift.  However the results from the experiments have been confusing scientists for years.  It can’t be long before they discover that this is what it is.  It will not come from LIGO which is a very costly, huge, super stationary instrument.


Below link: Aid to assist tracking the moon whistler and excessive water ripple motions on lakes and rivers associated with the phenomenon.  
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Major Physics Error Superposition
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A radio wave radio wave traveling through the atmosphere to your receiver carries both an electric and magnetic field component.  Normally the magnetic field component of this radio wave alone cannot produce a force.  Everyone knows passing electricity through a round coil generates a magnetic field.  Here we see the two fields electric and magnetic arranged in a coil.  Could it be possible that the free traveling radio wave might be arranged in such a way so to produce a force similar to the magnet?  As a radio wave propagates the magnetic field goes positive then negative at the speed of light. This positive then negative direction change is similar to placing four magnets directions in both attraction and repulsion at the same time resulting in a zero net attraction force (two attract and two repel). However we all know that altering the configuration will result in either total repulsion or total attraction.  Is it then possible to configure the radio wave to behave like two attracting or repelling magnets even though it is acting like the four magnetics of zero force?  Yes it is possible, if the radio wave is configured in a round form like the coil of the electro-magnet.  But the radio wave normally propagates like a beam of light in straight lines. How can we make a radio wave go round and round like the current passing through the electromagnet?  You see the electromagnetic also has two components the electric field and the magnetic field but it can be directed through a wire in a round and round fashion by winding a coil of wire.  A radio wave can be produced that has a spiral form (most radio waves just go up and down).  A spiral or helix radio wave is called a rotationally polarized or helix wave.  However this radio wave still cannot produce a force unless it is given another special attribute.  This attribute is axial rotation.  This radio wave now can push or pull on objects but only those materials of which it can interact with much like a microwave warms up water but passes directly through a ceramic cup unaffected.  Now this wave looks like the screw water pump Archimedes designed.  Because a radio wave still cannot we wound into a coil makes it rather weak.  Another problem could arise if the axiel rotation rate is less than the propagation rate.  Here the out of phase up and down component of the magnetic field may again cancel out the attraction.
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The understanding of field forces mechanism is still unanswered.   With all the words written herein even though there are two types a fake and real occurrence, it is not possible, not to believe, this is a gravitational phenomenon.  Most of this book is easy to read with minimal mathematics written for the layman.  
This phenomenon is not easily accepted by the scientific community because it breaks up the foundation modern physics is built upon.    Billions have been spent in the US alone on gravitational research on something that is everywhere.  Most of physics professors today know that general relativity has a flaw.  General relativity's explanation for gravity has no reality in it, there is no gravity force associated with it.

PHOTO:  The dark spots are rust particles trying to stand on end, much like iron filings do when sprinkled on a magnet..  Notice the discolored water in the surf.  The rust particles have been ripped out of the sand and fill the water causing the discoloring.  The water almost always has the normal blue tint except during strong events.  The earth's magnetic field is not strong enough to make iron particles stand on end.   Due to the complexity of this subject I cannot guarantee every word written within this book, however the basis of the theory;  "Gravity is a rotating helix electromagnetic wave" is on solid ground. EBook: 'Confessions of a Gravity Stalker"

Of course sand ripples can be formed by flowing water motions, what I have outlined here is something entirely different.   The shipwreck is the Iron skeleton of the Peter Iredale rusting in the sand.   Placing a strong magnet on the dry sand pulls up gobs of iron oxide particles.  Lines can be measured and directly related to background radio frequency radiation occurring at the time.